Labor Union Officials – PARTNERSHIP

At, our experienced representatives work closely with labor union officials to walk you through our specialized insurance coverage policies that offer you protection against potential risks, such as exposure to personal liability. We’re here to answer your questions and fully explain how we specifically target your needs with our range of policies that will help give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Our Policies Include:

Union Leader Liability Insurance

Persons engaged in union activities generate a number of specialized professional liability exposures that are not covered by the normal commercial general liability (CGL) policy forms. These exposures arise mainly from the Landrum Griffin and the Taft-Hartley Acts, which permit union members to sue union leaders for alleged official misconduct. [more]

Property & Casualty Insurance

According to the federal labor law, labor union officials may be vulnerable to personal liability but under certain conditions and have to defend themselves at their own cost. offers specialized insurance coverage that allows officials to continue their work worry free. [more]

Labor Organization Bonds

Labor Organizations have exposures that are unique. The Labor Organization Bond Form was developed to address these. [more]

Group Life & Disability Insurance provides life and health options customized for the labor market, offering a range of solutions for union leaders, workers and their families. [more]



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